Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Indor tournament in Ecuador

This event is Organize by the community leaders plus the queen of the community(this will be another story) the indor tournament composed of as many teams as there are willing to participate. This includes anyone from outside the community; in fact, it is encouraged for outsider to participate.

This specific tournament was composed by 20 teams. What I personally liked from the previous tournaments traditions were the mascots from each team. Everyone became very creative and brought the strangest animals to represent their teams. I remember one time there was this penguin like mutation of a dock brought by a team. It had the uniform and the way it stoop up as a penguin made it very hallarious and of course they won and the mascot was published on the newspaper.  Sadly this tradition doesn't seem to have kept on with the times.
The tournament had the basics which were the team with the uniforms and a Mrs sports to participate in sorta of like a beauty contest.
The inaguaracion of the tournament wasn't as excited as I anticipated. It was probably because I was expecting too much. The event started an hour or so late ( Ecuadorian time ) with the teams lining up at the entrance and the host announcing their names as they walk / March in.
After they are all lined up we sang the national anthem; I confess I forgot some parts of it, this part showed the respect and pride all Ecuadorian share. I saw the people walking by stop and be quite, a football game across the street put a pause to their game and stood there quite. It was impressive.
The final stage of the inauguration of the tournament was to choose the three most beautiful girls out of the 20 representatives of the teams, the best uniformed team and the opening game. Each part was more existing then the next. With a lot of laughter, suspends, defeat and victory the inauguration was over.
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