Friday, March 25, 2016

The wake in Ecuador

Sadly I came across such an event and would like to share it with you.
From the most part and what I can recall from all past memories, this process hasn't change. I am going to walk you through the steps that follow after a community member has passed away.
Starts with  "El doble" which means that the spiritual leader of the community was informed of the even and moved on to the local church to sound the bell. It's not like a school bell ring or  a time to eat bell rings. It's a sadder ring. Starts with one ring alone and follows with a 3-5 seconds interval until the next ring. This process continues for about 10-15 minutes ending with the spiritual Leader announcing the name of the community member that has passed in order to call all friends and family to a awake; which starts that same day or night, to accompany the family.
Now for this nex part I myself tried to nake it through the night but I went as long as about 5:37am and completely passed out. Even though I didnt make it, before I passed out I saw people coming back already. Overall people will stay until about 03:00 am and come back at about 04:30 am. However the family members do stay up most of the night and sleep in turns for about an hour or two. There has to always be someone accompanying the deceased.
Another thing that cough my attention was the custom to put water under the coffin. I researched this because no one at the wake was able to give me an answer. It said that; and I rephrase, if the deceased has died with thirst there has to be put a glass of water under the coffin  in order to give the soul water to drink while it's still with us. This glass of water has to be left at the same place for nine days; this is the scary part,  there will be less water at the end of this wait period. The result is for the leftover water is said to be a cure for people tart suffer from the heart, nervous or asma.
To conclude, I saw that when it came to this custom. It hasn't lost any tradition or change in anyway. But there is more I will like to share with you in a different post. Please let me know what you think and how different this process is from the traditions in the place where you are at this moment.
Dedicated to Sara cabrera RIP.
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