Wednesday, April 20, 2016


  This past saturday 16th, 2016 Ecuador faced a 7.8 hearthquake which produced a great destruction in different parts of ecuador.
  It affected mostly the cost side of Ecuador leaving over 500 known fatal victims and over 4,000 injured, plus over 20,000 homeless pleople of all ages. However with this post I wanted to highlight the other side of the story. Ivolving the help that was amazing yet not surprising to see.
  Ecuadorians are very generopuse people and showed so by the unbelievable amount of volunteers and dotations given to the victims of this tragedy. From children to  friend, family, military, police, firefighters, students, teachers, T.V celebrities everyone showed up to help or donate anything that they could give. Along with the national help came the international support as well
Now here is the problem and the real reason of my post. The help given so far will only be enough for a shortt time as an inmidient help, but we will not be able to overcome this tragic event in a week or two. this is why I want  to give anyone out there with a good heart a way that you can help the people in Ecuador.

This are safe ways that you can donate and show your support
Bank of America you can donate to the account number: 3751560139, under the name of “UNDP REPRESENTATIVE IN ECUADOR”,  Swift code: BOFAUS3N and ACH routing number: 111000012.

If you are outside the country in New York, also in Bank of América an Account with the name “CCU SECRETARIA GESTIÓN RIESGOS/PLANTA CENTRAL”  account number: 01121807.

If you need any help froom the United States or Canada call this number: 1844 668 4543.

you can also donate with the international organisations  
· Oxfam
· Red Cross
· Cruz Roja ecuatoriana
· WORLD VISION: Fondo de Ayuda contra Desastres

I thank you on the name of all ecuadorians that lost everything within a minute of their lifes. lastly I will leave you with a very popular saying in Ecuador that goes like this: 

Hoy por ti, mañana por me. 

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